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The Government of Canada is advising against all non-essential travel and all travellers returning from international locations are being asked to self-isolate for 14 days. Also, A
s per safety precaution, You might see your driver wearing a mask while picking you up. This is for the protection of both, You and the driver. Pre Arranged Toronto Airport Limousine  Drivers are at the front line picking up arriving pasengers from Pearson, Billy Bishop and Hamilton Airports. Thank you for understanding in these difficult times.

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Wedding Limo Packages

Wedding Limousine in Greater Toronto Area

Limos are definitely a must when having the bride arrive to the church and having the bride and groom go from the church to the reception hall, and that feature should come at no expense. However, what if you not only want to have your bride show up in a stretched limo to her Toronto wedding, but to show up in a souped-up limo!
At Toronto Airport Limousine, we have limos of all kinds to offer that special added touch to your Toronto wedding party or other Toronto event. We understand what it is like to jazz up your wedding party and that is why we offer limousine services and vehicles of all kinds.

Includes: crystal flutes and tumblers, napkins, ice, "Just Married" magnetic signs for the trunk, and weather permitting, a red rolled out carpet runner to your curb door.

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Beautiful Limos 

  1. Wedding Limousine Toronto GTA
    Just Married! Limousine Service
    Wedding limousine packages | Wedding Limousine Services in Toronto and GTA
  2. Wedding Limo
    Your Special D Day
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  3. Wedding Limo Fleet
    Amazing Wedding Fleet to choose from!
    Top limousine options for your wedding, Choose from a variety of Limousines
Your Favourite Wedding Limousine Service
According to the type and number of wedding limousinespeople in Canada want to rent, the pricing will always change. Leasing minimums on many marriage limousines is three hours which do not include when someone is picked up and dropped off.

Owing to the expensive business status, such limousines are inefficient for short-period hiring since it is costly. For this reason, travel times and limo preparation in provinces like Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville, Brampton and Hamilton consume a lot of time therefore making long rental periods less expensive as compared to short period hiring.

In Canada, hiring an average limousine would be cheaper when compared to a classy one. Setting aside the limo services six to nine months earlier before the ceremony is until the end of time is desirable. Postponement in booking limos at that time results in not getting the limo of one’s preference. Furthermore, ensuring that someone mentions the number of the members that will use the wedding limousine on that material day is necessary. Normally in Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville, Brampton and Hamilton, factors like their dress code and coziness will have to be examined. Consultations should therefore be made with the service providers prior to the hiring progression.
Clients should be adamant about signing an agreement with their chosen limousine company. This guarantees that parties in cooperation stick to the contract provisions and   puts a stop to any inconsistency while still using the limos. As a result, many redress forms are accessible to customers of wedding limo companies when and if prospects are not met. When not in use, a wedding limousine pays fees between the dropping-off time of wedding parties at the event party location and the time they finally get done. A limo cannot be redirected and do work at other places or an event party, much as it is not being used at that particular time. Then again, there is a probability of longer rental times. 

Establishing that limos have all licenses, insurance policies and authorizations have been ascertained by the company offering the wedding limousine is vital. This is a sign of dedication to their work and clients as well. The reason backing this is that a good number of limo dealers belonging to industry co operations demand members to stick to some rules of regulation including insurance conditions. Making people look at the available limousines counts and also helps the clients in making comparisons of the fleet of limousines on offer. It is done with ease since most of the sites available have photographs of the various makes of limos. The limousine chauffeurs are also need to be considered in the course of the transaction. Knowledgeable, skilled and older limo drivers outshine the rest owing to their decent manners and awareness of various receptions and sites.

Since wedding limousines come in many options, the determining factor still remains needs and budgets. A good number of limo companies also incorporate balloon and flower services in their list of event party listings.